Strengthening of Self-Reliance, Local Integration and Social Cohesion of Internal Displaced Peoples (IDPs), Returnees and Host Communities Project

     Strengthening of Self-Reliance (1)

The project is being implemented from December 2021 to November 2024 in 3 woredas namely Guwangua, Jawi, and Fagta Lekoma woredas and Chagni city administration of Awi Zone, Amhara region, with a budget source from BMZ/ German Economic cooperation.

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During this Quarter (1stJune to 30 September 2023), it provided training to 347 youths (F:199) to be ready for work in the concept of business, characteristics of successful business owner, business ideas, marketing steps, financial management, saving and business planning for youths.

Also, 113 youths (F: 57) were given 25 thousand birr seed money for each, a total of 2.8 million birr. In addition, 112 youths (F:57) are engaged in poultry, sheep breeding, and cafeteria service and good’s shop.

     Strengthening of Self-Reliance (3)

In addition, 9 youths (F: 5) were accessed job opportunities in various institutions, and 112 youths (F: 60) established 75 enterprises and benefited. During the quarter, the construction of one youth service center and supply of necessary materials was done in four woredas with 2.6 million birr.

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