Communication and IT 

Ensuring ORDA Ethiopia visibility at all levels including internationally through communicating its image and its achievements to its targeted audience and enhancing its positive image is the prime concern which is intended to be addressed through the organization's Communication and IT Service. In order to achieve its intent, different strategies have been designed and efforts are under way for their effective implementation: establishment of communication systems and guidelines, develop interactive communication environment, organizational identity (corporate image) and strengthening relations.

Making sure the presence of functional and timely information to support the operation of the ORDA Ethiopia programs is the other main area of aspiration which is expected to be met by the Service.ORDA Ethiopia needs to put in place a forward-looking knowledge management and systems of information technology to keep track and stay attuned with the growing global IT technology and to get prepared for the future. Accordingly, the Service has been doing its level best in discharging the GIS and IT related activities in a manner that it can meet such need.

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