Business Development and Action Research Program

ORDA Etthiopia is a nonprofit, nongovernmental humanitarian development organization that has neither its own income source nor a budget from the government.  For this reason, it solely depends on international and national resources allocated for the same purpose of humanitarian and development assistance. However, given the global poverty and the huge demand for such resources, the sector is filled with fierce competition. In order to win this competition and get access for a reasonable share, it requires:

  • Identification of funding resource
  • Knowning donors' requirements/criteria and funding procedures
  • Designing impressive concept Noteand Project Proposal

However, maintaining dependable partnership and securing sustainable funding goes beyond accessing and ORDA Ethiopia needs to witness good project performance. Indicators of good performance include:

  • Timely and quality reporting
  • Compatibility of resources and outputs (effectiveness and efficiency of resources)
  • Cost effectiveness and sustainability of benefits to the community and the environment
  • Changes in the lives and livelihood of the target population
  • Opportunity for learning and sharing of experiences

This requires documentation, data management and proper flow of information to facilitate learning focused action research to scale up and replicate success stories/successful projects. In order to accomplish these tasks at the different levels, ORDA Ethiopia has organized 3 distinct but interrelated functions:

  • Business/ Project Development
  • Database Mangement
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

The effort of ORDA Ethiopia in resource mobilization has been greatly improving from time to time. Particularly, there has also been a remarkable success in fund mobilization during its third strategic plan period (2009-2013 G.C).

currently, the 5th strategic plan (2021-2025) is under progress.

  • Two hundred (25 integrated and/or multiyear projects and 175 sector specific and short term projects) proposals developed and a total financial budget of 1.2 billion Birr and 18,600MT of commodity resources mobilized. In the process, it has created direct access to two bilateral agencies (SIDA and USAID).
  • 120 ORDA Ethiopia  staff and 200 government staffs trained on project design & reporting, planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Ten Multis' disciplinary monitoring visits to projects and coordination offices conducted.
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