ORDA Ethiopia has good reputation in administration and management of non financial resources (commodities and materials). A manual for management of non financial resources has been developed and functional. Its logistics management has also been managed in line with the policies, manuals and procedures of ORDA Ethiopia as well as its funding organizations.

There has always been an effort to ensure efficient and transparent management of purchase, transport, storage and distribution of goods and services. Warehouses are regularly maintained.

Recently, based on universally accepted principles and in a manner suitable to the situations of the organization, the procurement manual has been updated. By undertaking regular market information surveys, planned bulk purchases are exercised. Purchase status report is also regularly prepared and communicated with beneficiary programs and others within the organization. A good link has also been created among purchasing section, stores and users of purchased goods and services.

What has been achieved so far in terms of logistics management during ORDA Ethiopia third strategic plan period(from 2009 to 2013 half)? Let’s see major results registered from 2009 to June, 2012:

  • A total of 192 warehouses in 64 food insecure districts of the region managed and about 353,614 metric tons of food to about 2.8 million needy beneficiaries distributed;
  • About 188,506 metric tons MERET project food resources in 23 program districts in partnership with ARDB transported and distributed;
  • A total of 251,319 MT foods distributed to over 3.3 million people chronic food insecure beneficiaries;
  • A system for the flow of goods and services that assist the organization to control efficient and effective movement of goods established;
  • Efficient transport management system with proper control introduced;
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