Executive Director's Message

ORDA Ethiopia, a civil society organization for nonprofit, carries out integrated development programs to fill in development gaps of the people and government of Ethiopia since 1984.     

                   Dr Alemayehu.messageEng

        ORDA Ethiopia has the following five Piller programs: 

  1. Environment, Forest and Climate Change program

  2. WaSH, Irrigation and Infrastructure Development Program

  3. Agriculture, Nutrition and DRM Program

  4. Gender, Disability Inclusion and Youth Employment Program

  5. Food Commodity Management and Emergency Program

The organization significantly played a pivotal role in strengthening forestry development, providing agricultural technologies that increase productivity of farmers, providing safe drinking water, maintaining personal and environmental hygiene and preventing trachoma, developing small-scale irrigation systems, improving nutrition and preventing stunting.

Currently, ORDA Ethiopia is striving to bring about changes of the lives of the people living in extreme poverty with the resources it receives from funding donors, and calls on government institutions, civil society organizations and partners to work in harmony for a greater achievement.

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