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Water & Irrigation Program (WIP)

Water & Irrigation Program works on irrigation, water supply, hygiene & sanitation promotion as well as developing capacity of CBOs and the beneficiary communities in safe and adequate water supply, hygiene and sanitation, and irrigation water management facilities. 

This program includes:-

 A.Safe Water Supply

ORDA has rich experiences in safe water supply schemes construction like spring capping; hand dug well construction, shallow well & borehole construction and rain water harvesting (roof water harvesting) together with intensive capacity building of the WATSAN (WASHCOs) committee (water supply and sanitation committee) in the rural areas of Amhara.

Hygiene and Sanitation has to be described as sub-component of the water supply and major engagements are establishing and capacitating of WASHCOs, model VIPL construction at institutions and public areas, mass hygiene education through CLTS etc.

      B.Small Scale Irrigation

Understanding the critical need of irrigation water in the region, ORDA has been engaged in the development and management (management aspect is by the irrigation water user associations) of small scale irrigation projects.

Its strategy focuses on river diversion, spring development, rain-water harvesting, roof catchments (for drinking water)  and household level technologies like drip irrigation, rope pump, treadle pump as well as organized and trained irrigation water user associations for sustainable management of the schemes.

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