Environment,  Forest and Climate Change program 

The Environment ,Forest and Climate Change program focuses on enhancing community managed conservation, protection and restoration of natural resources to convey ecological safety and sustainable development of the Amhara region in general and intervention areas in particular. 

This Program focuses on: 

Carrying out different physical and biological interventions to conserve soil and water resources to improving soil fertility and enhance productivity among others. 

Plantation of indigenous and exotic species of tree seedlings to increase forest cover of the region in Ethiopia. 

Implementing biodiversity project, which aims at the restoration of the highland fauna and flora species and conservation of the low land areas through promoting Participatory Forest Management (PFM). 

Supplying alternative energy technologies in off grid rural areas. 

Developing integrated watershed/model watershed (comprehensive Land Husbandry)

o Forest Development

o Biodiversity  Conservation

o Watershed Management

o Soil and Water Conservation

o Climate Change Adapatation and Mitigation 

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