Overview on Finance Administration Department

Finance administration department is one of the major pillars of ORDA Ethiopia which is an essential ingredient to success to the organization’s objectives. The performance and success of ORDA Ethiopia greatly depend on how well the finance is handled. Keeping a close watch on the financing function is very important for the smooth operation of any organizations.

Finance administration Department develops financial management policy and procedures to ensure that policies and procedures support the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of ORDA Ethiopia’s strategy. The department is also responsible for the planning, coordination, execution and supervision of financial operations and functions of ORDA Ethiopia with primary areas of responsibilities for accounting, financial reporting, budget management, grant administration, processing financial data in the accounting systems, providing the necessary supports to all working team and ensuring internal controls that enables safeguarding from misuse of resources.

Besides, the financial system is computerized accounting software and works with local area Network (LAN) facility. Before some years, the cloud net networking system was also established which enables to allow accesses to use the accounting system for project accountants. This networking accounting system helps accountants to carry out their day to day accounting operations from end to end. On the other hand, accredited auditors review financial statements with ORDA Ethiopia team and they are always happy and witness for the quality and effectiveness of the accounting system. This accounting system is well recognized by all stakeholders and ORDA Ethiopia funding partners. Financial reports are equally shared to all donors, board of directors, organization’s management and other stakeholders.

According to the Ethiopian Charities and societies proclamation number 621/2009, the organization assigns external audit firm to audit its financial statements yearly with International auditing standards. The result of ORDA Ethiopia’s audit report has been certified as unqualified audit report which shows that the quality and effectiveness of the organization’s accounting system is good enough.

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