ORDA Ethiopia has announced its new logo

     New logo

ORDA Ethiopia has been engaged in humanitarian aid and development activities for the past 40 years, serving 7 million beneficiaries in development and 10 million beneficiaries in Emergency. The organization has brought new logo which displays its capacity, and announced it to humanitarian organizations, partners and all stakeholders.

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The new logo features 3 clasped hands and symbolizes social change through collaboration. The logo is made up of three color combinations, green representing our environment and forestry work, blue our water, hygiene and sanitation work and yellow our agriculture, gender, nutrition and job creation work.

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According to Dr. Alemayehu Wassie presentation, the executive director of ORDA Ethiopia, in the logo announcement ceremony, ORDA Ethiopia is increasing its capacity and getting high trust and financing from international organizations, so we implemented a clear and simple logo that suits the organization.

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"I Used to Borrow Dishes for Cooking, But Now I Work Hard to Have a Cafeteria”, - Bogalech Getahun

      Bogalech Getahun in Chagni town

  Photo/ Bogalech Getahun, 24, engage in sheep fattening, Chagni town.

Ethiopia faced political turmoil and ethnic conflicts, escalated by competition for scarce resources. These causal factors lead to ethnic tensions and irregular migrations in the country. In this case, the Amhara Region has hosted a large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees recently. The migrants, particularly returnee women, faced numerous social and economic disorders, including being jobless and a lack of sexual and reproductive health services.

Get in Touch ORDA Ethiopia's Safeguarding Policy

sageguarding policy

ORDA Ethiopia has ratified a safeguarding policy for the sake of its staffs, partners and beneficiaries. The policy listed out the below activities that should not be performed by employees of any ORDA Ethiopia and institutions working in partnership or as a contractor with ORDA Ethiopia:-

Shoat Rearing Brings Livelihood Changes

Shoat rearing brings livelihood changes

Ato Alemu Getie, aged 50, lives in Ginaza kebele, libokemekem woreda. He has 8 families, and is a father of 6 children. Regarding his educational status, he reads and writes. His wife, w/o Tseganesh Gashaw, also completed grade two. She writes and reads, too. The existence of this clue has enabled them to teach all of their children even though they were poor. Their last little kid is learning at grade two. The elder one was graduated from university.

ORDA Ethiopia has launched the Mass Youth Employment in Apiculture program (MaYEA).


ORDA Ethiopia has officially announced the implementation of the Mass Youth Employment in Apiculture (MaYEA) Program, which is led by ORDA Ethiopia in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, in Bahir Dar on April 26, 2024, at Blue Nile Resort Hotels.

The workshop aims to familiarize all participants with the goals, strategies, and expected results of the MaYEA Program, and to foster increased engagement and collaboration from stakeholders in implementing, monitoring, evaluating progress, and strategizing for the project as a whole.

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