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"We only have the grace and privilege to cut down trees when we can grow seedlings!" Alemayehu Wassie (Ph.D) -Executive Director of ORDA

Conservation of nature is basically the conservation of resources such as air, water, sunlight, land, vegetation, animal life and minerals. Dr.AlemayehuCharles Darwin, known nature theorist, said that survival of the fittest arena is the ecosystem and humans are the main actors.Both development & distraction of the ecosystem reside under the hands of human beings in context of the winner to continue.

Now we are in the age of modernization that totally depends on environment and its resource. Particularly, people in Ethiopia who are highly dependent on raw material, forest cover has been reduced from 40% in the turn of 20th century to 15% now &about 1 billion tons of its top soil is also believed to be eroded annually from Ethiopia.

Understanding this, ORDA has been engaged in forest development, integrated watershed development, biodiversity conservation and promotion of renewable energy technology. ORDA has planted over 712.17 million seedlings (41.23 million are indigenous trees) on 131 thousand 337 hectares of land and contributed 3.62 % of the Amhara regional forest coverage. In the 2020 only, 6.8 million indigenous and exotic species of tree seedlings are being planted.

Planting seedlings is the first step in sustaining the forest. We have the privilege to cut down trees only when we fulfill our obligation to plant seedlings. Forests are a gift we have received from the previous generation, and we can use them wisely and pay for the next generation by planting seedlings.

Let's plant, and care for tree seedlings, and hand over it for generations!

Wish you a fruitful plantation and caring season!

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