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   Let’s work in harmony with a new spirit and motivation in the New Year!

Executive Director of ORDA Alemayehu Wassie (Ph.D) called up on employees of the Organization to work in harmony with a new spirit and motivation in the New Year- 2013 E.C.Dr.Alemayehu Dr. Alemayehu explained ORDA has been carrying out astonishing developmental endeavors in the Amhara region of Ethiopia by designing proposals & concept notes to get financial access from international funding institutions. Though COVID-19 pandemic was a global, national and local challenge, ORDA fruitfully accomplished its project activities in 2020. 

The Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) in the year 2020 has been implementing various projects in different zones and Woredas of Amhara regional state, Ethiopia. It has secured financial supports from 21 donors to implement about 28 development projects in 49 Woredas of the region.

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happy New year

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