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“Happy New Year 2015 to all Ethiopians. May the new year be a time of peace, health, unity and solidarity” Alemayehu Wassie (Dr.) Executive Director of ORDA Ethiopia

          New year

ORDA Ethiopia is a civil society organization that has made a significant impact in the past 38 years from aid to rehabilitation and integrated community development activities.

Currently, the organization is implementing the 5th five-year strategic plan (2021-2025) and is implementing comprehensive development activities by focusing on five major development programs to achieve its goals.

In fulfilling its responsibility, ORDA Ethiopia is particularly committed to environmental and forestry development activities, safe water supply and sanitation, establishing small irrigation schemes, providing improved agricultural (crops, vegetables and fruits and animal species) to the farmers, food and disaster risk management. It has benefited more than 5 million people by implementing various programs related to gender, disability inclusion, and youth employment. Also, the organization is providing emergency food aid to 1.5 million citizens in 2022 alone.

The organization works in collaboration with 25 funding donors & partners, and reached more than 90 woredas by implementing 42 projects that benefit nearly 1.7 million people. Currently, the organization has more than 1,810 permanent employees.

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USAID                               ORDA

ORDA Ethiopia receives a total of #500,000 direct fund from the USAID - US Agency for International Development to provide water trucking, hygiene and sanitation activities in centers of Internally Displaced People (IDPs)in the Amhara region.

#ORDA Ethiopia highly acknowledges the #USAID for its commitment in supporting relief, rehabilitation/humanitarian & development oriented projects in the Amhara region & throughout Ethiopia too.

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