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ORDA utilizes its finance and other resources responsibly and for the intended purpose through putting in place effective financial system. This is coherent with its procurement and human resource management manuals. The financial management is simplified, adequately decentralized, and completed with full and special delegations.

Apart from this, the financial system is computerized, and works with Local Area Network (LAN) facility. This arrangement grants access to all responsible for the management and administration of finance in the organizations while they are in their respective offices. Accredited auditors do regular audits and they are always happy with the quality and efficiency of the system. This financial system is well recognized by all stakeholders and it is well accepted by its donors. Also, ORDA's financial reports are equally shared with relevant stakeholders.

According to the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Proclamation number 621/2009 the organization commissions external audit firm to audit its financial source documents to report the audit finding to the ORDA's Annual General Assembly.


ORDA has good reputation in administration and management of non financial resources (commodities and materials). A manual for management of non financial resources has been developed and functional. Its logistics management has also been managed in line with the policies, manuals and procedures of ORDA as well as its funding organizations.

There has always been an effort to ensure efficient and transparent management of purchase, transport, storage and distribution of goods and services. Warehouses are regularly maintained.

Recently, based on universally accepted principles and in a manner suitable to the situations of the organization, the procurement manual has been updated. By undertaking regular market information surveys, planned bulk purchases are exercised. Purchase status report is also regularly prepared and communicated with beneficiary programs and others within the organization. A good link has also been created among purchasing section, stores and users of purchased goods and services.

What has been achieved so far in terms of logistics management during ORDA’s third strategic plan period(from 2009 to 2013 half)? Let’s see major results registered from 2009 to June, 2012:

  • A total of 192 warehouses in 64 food insecure districts of the region managed and about 353,614 metric tons of food to about 2.8 million needy beneficiaries distributed;
  • About 188,506 metric tons MERET project food resources in 23 program districts in partnership with ARDB transported and distributed;
  • A total of 251,319 MT foods distributed to over 3.3 million people chronic food insecure beneficiaries;
  • A system for the flow of goods and services that assist the organization to control efficient and effective movement of goods established;
  • Efficient transport management system with proper control introduced;

Human Resource Development and Management

ORDA's reputation of delivering quality and relevant results in a timely fashion is primarily a result of its committed staffs. Human resource development is one of its prime area of attention. Accordingly, enhancing technical and managerial capacities of the ORDA work forces in their effort to empowerment communities and their organizations in the Amhara Region is the goal of ORDA's effort exerting in this regard.

Its' human resource continues to be the most important leverage point for ORDA, which seeks to improve its competitive position in an increasingly competitive market place. Acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to higher level of performance and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment to the organization are essential for achieving organizational objectives.

The organization has made functional the human resource administration manual and regularly updated it, which has incorporated procedures of recruitment or employment, promotion, transfer and motivation, provision of training opportunity, and other necessary matters to be addressed.

Currently, ORDA have effectively managed its overall operation with a total of 802 ( 228 is female) staff; out of which, 224 (45 is women), 566 (176 is women) and 12 (7 is women) are working at Head Office in Bahir Dar, Project and Zonal Coordination Offices, and Resource Mobilization & Liaison Office in Addis Ababa respectively.

Data collected from its different development partners including funding organizations and NGOs showed that majority of the workforce are dedicated to ORDA's engagement and program implementation. They are friendly with the local people, respect values and norms of the community and share their happiness and sorrow.

You can find detail information about the profile of the staff here!

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