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           Photo/ The Effect of Drought on Crop Production

Currently, Amhara region is entangled between conflict and drought that worsen the life of children, women, men and persons with disabilities. Particularly drought highly affected the Waghimra and North Gondar zones. In these zones, late onset and early cessation of rainfall, insufficient rainfall, and in few woredas no rainfall at all that heavily affected the crop production, livestock forage, and human foods. Water scarcity is severe in some woredas that inhibit access to water both for humans and livestock. Reports from the zone revealed the following information.

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               Photo/ The Effect of Drought on Livestock

North Gondar Zone

Highly affected woredas: Debark, Beyeda, Janamora and Telemet

Total number of people that need immediate support ……. 452,851

Temporarily migrated people from the area……….. 4,088

Children that need immediate support ………. 20,529

Waghimra Zone

Highly affected woredas in Waghimera Zone: Sahila, Ziquala, Abergelle, and Dahina woredas.

Total number of people that need immediate assistance ……… 72,412

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          Photo/ The Effect of Drought on Livestock

In this zone, livestock populations are at higher risk that might cause death unless immediate support provided to households. The assessment report from the zone shows that cattle are getting emaciated or highly losing their weight to the extent their bone strips  become vivid on the body.

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                 Photo/ The Effect of Drought on Livestock

The required support for the people is primarily food packages (cereals/wheat, edible oil, yellow split pea), nutritious food for children/FAMIX/, medical support for disease breakout. The livestock support includes, animal feed (both concentrated feed and normal forage), veterinary service (vaccination and treatment). The detail report will soon be shared to all of you.

Thus, ORDA Ethiopia cordially requests you all to join hands in this response to save the lives of the affected people and the livestock-which are the basis for the people livelihood.

Looking forward to hearing from you at this desperate period!

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