“My back and legs have rested from carrying water jerrican” W/ro Qemem Teshom

     Wro Qemem Teshom

In North Wollo zone Raya Kobo woreda, many water supplies have been damaged by conflict and poor water management. In Woremmegna kebele of Raya Kobo Woreda, at Woredibo, the water scheme has been out of service for two years due to damage to some of its parts, including the water line and head of the Bono structure.

W/ro Qemem Teshom, a 60-year-old mother of six children living in Woremegna Kebele near Robit Town of Raya Kobo woreda, shared her past and present life stories related to the water access situation.

She faced many problems when the water scheme stopped functioning for two years, such as fetching water over a long distance, not getting enough water for household and animal needs, and facing a heavy workload. Additionally, she and her family could not maintain proper hygiene. After the water supply was restored, w/ro Qemem Teshom's life improved significantly. She now has access to enough amount of water for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene, and animal needs. She is able to participate in social activities and other work, knowing that she can access water whenever she needs it. She no longer has to carry water long distances or worry about not having enough water. She has noticed the benefits of proper management and maintenance of the water supply and hopes that the community will continue to use it properly to avoid further damage. She expressed gratitude to the EU SELAM II project for its contribution to rehabilitating water schemes. Currently, 140 households (77 female) are being served by this water scheme.

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