"My Family Gets Meal Three Times Per Day,” -W/ro Yeshi Arega

My Family Gets Meal

W/ro Yeshi Arega ia a resident of Kilero Kebele, Menz Lalo Medere woreda of North Shewa Zone. Before she got a support from ORDA Ethiopia’s Climate-Based Rural Development Project, she used to live in Canaille living standard. 

Through the projects support, Yeshi engaged in sheep fattening and small business with the loan support she received from rural savings and loans. She rented 0.5 hectares of land and was able to produce 5 quintals of wheat.

In total, since she started her career, she has earned 51,840 in four stages in the field of sheep fattening and small-scale agricultural activities.

"I was able to eat three meals a day.” w/ro. Yeshi said. She thanked the Norway Development Fund's climate-based rural development project, which contributed to changing her life.

In general, for the ORDA Ethiopia-CSFNSP II project in the years 2022 and 2023;  360 male sheep were distributed to 100 (F:61) beneficiaries through rural savings and credit cooperatives in Menz Mama and Menz Lalo Medire woredas, of which 84 (84%) were young people and 5% were disabled.

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