ORDA Ethiopia’s Mitigate the Worst Effects of Water scarcity and Hunger to Vulnerable Communities in Acute Crises Project supported 12.42 million Birr to internally displaced people (IDPs).

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Many people were displaced from Oromia Region, Beneshangul Gumuz Region & other areas due to the internal conflict and they currently sheltered in Jare, Mekan Eyesus & Mersa internally displaced people (IDP) centers in North Wollo & South Wollo Zones, Amhara Regional State. To save the lives of those displaced people and to recover the livelihood of people affected by northern conflict, ORDA Ethiopia has been undertaking different support by the fund received from German Humanitarian Assistance through WHH emergency project called ETH 1197 Mitigate the worst effects of water scarcity and hunger through access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services and provision of emergency assistance to vulnerable communities in acute crises in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2023 , to save the lives of those displaced people a total of 12,421,200 ETB birr were distributed with three round for 1,023HHs live in internally displace people’s (IDP) camps & gender based violence servitor women existed in Jare IDP center, Mekane Eyesus IDP center, Mersa IDP center and Seglen Kebele.

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In addition, to this in this year the project supported;

• 150 Quintal Wheat flour, 15 Quintal Split Pea and 500 Liter Edible Oil were distributed for 1000 IDPs living in Habru & Tehulederie Woreda (Jare IDP, M/Eyesus IDP and Mersa IDP)

• Different Shelter (Blanket and Mattress) were distributed for 150 HHs of Tehuledere

   Woreda (Jare IDP, M/Eyesus IDP center),

• Wash NFI Kits (Washing Basin and Cocking pots) were provided for 300HHs in Tehuledere and Habru woreda (Jare IDP, M/Eyesus IDP and Seglen Kebele, Mersa IDP)

• 54 Qt of Improved Teff Seed and 15.79 Quintal Fodder seed Distributed for 540 HHs Tehuledere (Seglen & Libanos kebele)

• 312 Local Goat Distribution for 104 conflict affected peoples living in Tehuledere woreda (Seglen & Libanos) and Habru woreda (Dudareba Kebele)

• One spring water rehabilitated and served a total of 543 Individuals in Tewulderie woreda Kete kebele (Abafelka water point)    ORDA Ethiopia’s Mitigate  (3)


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