Robit all inclusive Primary Boarding School has been inaugurated

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ORDA Ethiopia, which is built with more than 15 million Birr financial support from CBM Italy, Robit all inclusive Primary Boarding School inaugurated on May 27, 2023.

ORDA Ethiopia started the construction of Robit All Inclusive primary Boarding School in 2019. At that time, the outbreak of the Corona virus and the border war in the region and the rising cost of current building materials were the reasons for the construction of the school.

ORDA Ethiopia is currently providing support to 55 students who need support for Robit All Inclusive primary Boarding School by providing them with clothes, food, bedding and other materials.

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According to the Executive Director of ORDA Ethiopia, Alemayehu Wase (Ph.D.) at the inauguration of the boarding school, ORDA Ethiopia is a developmental organization that has been with the Amhara people by providing food aid, re-establishment and sustainable development work. He said that the organization has gone through many ups and downs with the people during its existence. There are our staffs who lost their lives in the war in North Wollo. When I make this speech today, I want to express that I am always thinking of our people and staffs who were affected by the war.

The Executive Director added that ORDA Ethiopia provides drinking water, irrigation, forestry, environmental protection and various livelihood improvement activities at the family level. It also provides food aid during bad times, and works with partner organizations on rehabilitation when there are evacuees. There are many international aid organizations that trust us and work with us when we do these works. One of them is CBM. CBM has a large family. He said that it is CBM Italy that has supported us in the construction of this Robit all-inclusive primary boarding school. The executive director added that CBM is a true friend of the Amhara people. It is an organization that has been working with us on drinking water, sanitation and food systems in South Wollo and South Gondar. It is still working with us. He said that while we are building the all-inclusive 1st level boarding school, which was completed today, the basic financial support was received from CBM Italy.

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The Executive Director added, "I would like to take this opportunity to express that we will not forget the support of the local government and the preservation of the property of the local community, so that this project is ready for inauguration. After that, I was faced with many things so that the work could be done properly and with quality. To the North Wolo coordination staffs of who completed the work, I understand the problems and worries you have always gone through, and today I saw the quality of your work”.

Alemayehu Wasie (Ph.D.), Executive Director of ORDA Ethiopia, added that Robit All Inclusive primary Boarding School was built with a lot of hard work and expense, and as seen in many places when it was completed today, after the works are done, they lose their owners and are destroyed. Therefore, he said, wealth and progress come when we preserve and add to it, but if we don't lose what we have, we will not be able to bring about change. Therefore, he hope that the officials of the local government, the elders of the country will take the necessary care so that their schools and residences are not abused because the trust of these students is in our hands, and the education officials will also provide the necessary resources and supervision.

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In the end, he said that the area has been shed a lot of blood due to the war, many people have been injured. He expressed his good wishes that God will give us a time of development, education, health and hope. 

The representative of CBM Italy, Ato Tamer Mesganwe, expressed that; the organization will continue to support the persons with disabilities in the areas of health, education and other important issues.

The boarding school was inaugurated by Alemayehu Wase (Ph.D.), Executive Director of ORDA Ethiopia, Ato Tamer Misganaw, representative of CBM Italy, and W/ro. Sewhareg Getachew, member of the Executive Board of the Amhara Regional Federation of Persons with Disabilities.

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