Dr. Syed Endris, who brought change by providing quality agricultural inputs to farmers

Dr. Syed Endris (1)

Syed Endris (Dr.) is a resident of Mersa town in Habru woreda. He is married and the father of one son and leads his life by being engaged in self-employment.

Dr. Syed holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Years ago, he was employed by the government. But in order to serve the farmers and get better income, he enjoyed in private business by providing some agricultural inputs to the farmers since 2009.

ORDA Ethiopia’s livelihoods for Resilience project (L4R) has been working in Amhara region 7 woredas (Woldia cluster (Raya Kobo, Habru & Guba Lafto); 2 woredas of Meket   cluster (Meket and Wadla woreads ); and 2 woredas of Mehalmeda cluster (Menze Mama Midir & Menze Gera Midir) to benefit 36,000 rural households (HHs) and to graduate with resilience from the productive safety net program. It is funded $9.92 from USAID through CARE Ethiopia and is being implemented from December 2016 to June 2023. Dr. Syed Endris is one of them who has been provided with professional training and material support through the project, and he is providing general agricultural inputs to the farmers.

"After receiving professional training and material support from the project, I am providing the farmers with animal feed, agricultural chemicals, 45-day-old chicks and vegetable seeds. Especially by bringing one-day-old chicks from Ethio-chick and feeding them well up to 45 days and after giving them the necessary vaccinations, we offers them to farmers. We are selling all agricultural inputs to farmers by explaining their use and other professional advice," he said.

       Dr. Syed Endris (2)

Dr. Syed is happy to provide quality agricultural inputs that increase the agricultural productivity of farmers. He has made a difference in his business by working hard and expanding his market linkage. He said that his working capital has increased from 50,000 birr to 3 million birr. He opened more agricultural input shops in Woldia city and Mersa town and are providing services to farmers. He said that after this, market linkages are established with the farmers, so they can get the agricultural inputs they need along with professional

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