Fendeka’s rural town deep well water scheme has been inaugurated

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ORDA Ethiopia’s Johne’s Rig Wash Project has been carrying out water facility construction and sanitation and hygiene activities in 5 woredas of East Gojam Zone (Gozamen, Machakel, Debre-Elias, Aneded and Sinan woredas). It has been Working to benefit 143,951 people from 20016 to 2023 with a budget of 8.8 million Euros obtained from the Welthungerhilfe, with the cooperation of the Ethiopian government and the community.

The project completed the construction of Fundika rural town deep well water scheme with a cost of 27.84 million birr in Gozamen woreda, East Gojam Zone, and it has been inaugurated on 22 April 2023. The water facility will benefit approximately 9,000 populations of the rural town of Fundika and the local community. The deep well water scheme construction includes a deep well dug 150 meters down, a water storage tank with a capacity of 300,000 liters and 9 water stations (each with 4 water faucets) and 7 individual faucets, in a total of 16 locations which are school, health center, kebele center and the community areas.

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ORDA Ethiopia's WaSH Irrigation and Infrastructure Development Program Director Dareje Tesfahun (Ph.D.) said at the graduation ceremony that the water facility should be used carefully to make it sustainable and provide water for a long period of time. The administrator of Gozamen Woreda Muluswe Kare on his part said that the coordination of donor organizations, ORDA Ethiopia, the government and community was strong to build and complete the water facility. Therefore, if they work together, more development projects can be achieved, he said.

When the inauguration ceremony of the water facility was held, the concerned officials and experts of ORDA Ethiopia, the concerned officials and experts of the East Gojjam Zone and Gozamen Woreda and the water user community were involved.

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ORDA Ethiopia’s John’s Rig Wash Project built 130 water schemes (7 deep wells, 99 hand dug wells construction and maintenance, 13 shallow wells, 11 large and small springs developments) in 5 woredas of East Gojjam Zone from 2016 to March 2023. It solved the problem of clean water for the residents. To keep the hygiene and sanitation of beneficiaries, it built 32 blocks of modern pit latrines for 16 schools which benefits 16,070 students. It has also constructed 56 model ventilated pit latrines for Kebele centers.

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