A new project, which works to mitigate a harmful practice & violence aginest children, is launched.

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ORDA Ethiopia’s Accelerating engagement of youth in policy advocacy and reporting for the prevention of harmful practice and violence against children in their communities project launching workshop is conducted on 07 March 2023 in Fidel Hotel, Bahir Dar. As stated in the workshop, it will work to increase the awareness of the community and aline with the government plan to minimize early marriage, harmful practices and violence against children.

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It is funded by UNICEF Birr 7.01 million and ORDA Ethiopia in kind contribution Birr 1,67 million. The Project stays for 9 months (8 December 2022 -31 August 2023), and will be implemented in the Amhara region 4 woredas; Lebokemkem, Sinan, Dahina and Jawi woredas. It will directly benefits 7,206 people (F: 3,950) and indirect beneficiaries are 21,000 people (F: 10,500)

Gender, Disability Inclusion and Youth Employment Program director Ato Tadess Zebaman as sated on the launching workshop, the project would work hard and improve the awareness of the targeted groups and minimize the problem of harmful practice, early marriage, violence against children.

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