Land for Life Amhara Project

     Land 4 life Amhara

The Global Program Responsible Land Policy (GPRLP) funded by BMZ and implemented by GIZ has secured EU co-financing for the project component on Responsible Governance of Investments in Land (RGIL). The specific objective is that “access to land and benefitting from investments as central prerequisite for alleviating poverty and hunger in rural areas to improve for marginalized groups in Amhara.”

The strategic approach aims at strengthening the capacities of key stakeholders (governmental staff, selected investors as well as civil society and community representatives) and improving the regulatory framework for investment in land. Also, in two woredas of the Amhara Region where the project was implemented (De/Elias and Womberma woredas):-

• 28 Forest land encroachment conflict cases were resolved by CIGF through dialogue

• 56 Boundary conflict cases both communal and private land were resolved by CIGF through dialogue

• 8 conflict on eucalyptus tree shade effect were resolved by CIGF dialogue

• 47 Inheritance and donation land conflict cases were solved by CIGF through dialogue

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