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                                      Impacts of CBM in 2020 alone

               Impacts of CBM in 2020

ORDA Ethiopia in partnership with CBM and Australian Aid is under implementation of Amhara Trachoma Elimination Program (ATEP) in Wogedi woreda of South Wollo zone from January 2018 to December 2021.

In 2020 alone, the project impacted:

• Increased operational capacity

• Implemented comprehensive SAFE strategy and reduced the prevalence of blinding trachoma significantly

• Increased safe/clean water supply coverage and sanitation services

• Improved personal and environmental hygiene and sanitation in the selected villages

• Benefited persons with or at risk of disability in the target areas in the community

                   Impacts of CBM in 20201

The project has also contributed progressive achievements in the construction of improved latrines at household level, proper utilization of latrines practiced, face washing practices of the community enhanced, and awareness on sanitation, hygienic and safe water chain are visibly developed and trachoma prevention, control and treatment are getting increased.

The project constructed school ventilated improved latrine and established 12 anti-trachoma clubs and supported them with materials such as soap, mirror, hand washing containers, and 


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