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                                               Full water access in Menahiria Village

                             Water access

We meet a woman called W/ro Emenesh Shiferaw, aged 41, who lives in Gobata-Akina kebele of Machakel woreda, East Gojjam zone. We got her while she collects safe water. She told us she and her neighbors’ were fetching water from a far distance hand-dug well. According to her, she felt bad when thinking water queue. Sometimes she was forced to wait until 60 or 70 jars to be filled owned by first comers.

W/ro Emenesh, now, feels great happiness. She got sufficient safe water near her home. The water scheme was built by ORDA’s John’s Rig Wash Project which is funded by Welt hunger Hilfe through VIVA CON AGUA.

She remembered her children went to the field for a long water queue at night, 4:00 am. “We were collecting water from a long distance. Even the water was not safe. Our children obliged to leave their class for water collecting. I was sensitive to water utilization for we used to get it in a difficult situation. When we heard of the project initiation to build water, we did not believe it immediately. But now things are changed and we got plenty of water in my house”.

                            Water access1

Gobata-Akina deep well water scheme generates 20 liters per second. But, the Meneharia village residents' need is 4.94 liter per second. The scheme has 10 water distributer centers with 32 water fosets each. In addition, 4 single water foset distributors are built for serving governmental institutions like primary schools and clinics. This deepwater well benefits nearly 3,000 beneficiaries.

From 2017- 2020, it constructed 72 water schemes (5 deep wells, 46 shallow wells) and benefited over 64,585 beneficiaries. In addition to keeping sanitation and hygiene of beneficiaries, the project built a 22 blocks modern toilet for a 10,481 school community, construction 56 models ventilated pit latrine for kebele centers, farmers, training centers.

The project has been intervening on water scheme construction, sanitation, and hygiene activities to deliver safe water for 205 thousand beneficiaries live in east Gojjam zone 5 woredas; Gozamen, Machakel, Debere-Elias, Aneded and Sinane woredas with a total allocated budget of € 8.8 million.


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