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                               Consultative Review Meeting Held

                             Consultative Review Meeting Held

ORDA-John’s Rig WaSH Project conducted a 2019 consultative annual review & 2020 plan orientation held in Debre Markos town of East Gojjam Zone f Amhara Region. Stakeholders from the concerned government bodies, ORDA and donor participated in the workshop.

  • Project Name: ORDA-John’s Rig WaSH Project

 Project woredas:  Five woredas (Aneded, Gozamin, Machakel, Debre Elias and Sinan) and 56 kebeles

  • Project period: Eight years (2016/17 to 2023/24)
  • Project budget: EURO 8,800,000.00; and community is expected to contribute ( EURO 400,000.00)
  • Beneficiaries/Targets: 280,000 in Hygiene & Sanitation and 205,000 safe water supply interventions
                           Consultative Review Meeting Held2

Major works

Safe water supply component

– To construct 210 water schemes (196 shallow wells, 9 deep wells and 5 Large spring    developments)

–Sanitation facilities

–To construct 36 VIPLs in 18 primary schools

–To construct 56 model Household latrines for demonstration

– To support construction of improved pit latrines at household level to derive localities to ODF

–Capacity building

• To provide various training/experience sharing, material and others for the community and local government to build their capacities so that be able to execute WaSH interventions

So far the project has accomplished 33 Shallow borehole construction &maintenance, 3 deep well construction, 3 large spring development (LSPD), 16 ventilated pit latrines, 2 blocks each for 8 primary schools, 42 model household pit latrine, sani-Market groups & community conversation sessions supported, Water quality test conducted, and school club (Mini media) supported to aware hygiene and sanitation activities.


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