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ORDA & its 35 years’ development Journey


Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) was established as Ethiopian Relief Organization (ERO) in February 1984 in response to the abject rural poverty aggravated by persistent drought, civil conflict and economic mismanagement. Through time, ORDA made grew its purpose to contribute for sustainable livelihood transformation and environmental security in the Amhara region


ORDA, a non-profit making, dependable developmental organization is striving to alleviate poverty through collaborations being made with the regional government, the community and stakeholders at all levels.


Since 2005, ORDA has been successfully carrying a variety of Development Programs in the region; Environment and Forest Development Program/EFDP/, Agriculture and Disaster Risk Management Program/ADRMP/, WASH and Irrigation Program /WIP/, Youth Enterprise & Private Sector Development Program /YEPSDP/, and, Gender, Disability & HIV/AIDS Prevention, Nutrition and Climate Change are cross cutting issues mainstreamed in all programs.


ORDA is contributing its best to the improvement of health, sanitation and hygiene. Though health sector is given much attention, the government still lucks to supply water for the community.

In order to fill in the gap, ORDA has been constructing to supply clean water schemes such as, hand dug wells, large spring development, shallow well, borehole, and deep well to the community in the region through the financial support of donors. Furthermore, the organization contributed a lot in constructing small irrigation schemes to enhance productivity of farmers.


In line with this, the organization has been implementing 32 projects in 53 districts benefiting around 1.5 million people located in various zones of the region in the year 2018 alone. Major projects being implemented under these programs include but not limited to: soil and water conservation, integrated watershed management, reforestation, biodiversity, potable water supply, hygiene and sanitation, small scale irrigation construction, productive safety net including livelihood improvement, supply of improved agricultural technologies & practices which focuses on small holder farmers, while, gender, nutrition, climate change and HIV/AIDS are cross cutting development issues.

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