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 Reducing the adverse effect of climate change by building resilient livelihoods

and ecosystem in Western Amhara  / ETH 1192

 22  Foundation Green Ethiopia / FGE -LKK
 23  Foundation Green Ethiopia / FGE -Sekela
 24  Forest Landscape Restoration Program II / FLRP II

 Land for Life  / LfL

 26  Landscape restoration using church forest relics in Estie and Dera districts / CfN

 REsilient LIVelihoods and sustainable Ecosystems in the Simien Mountains

National Park / RELIVES

 28  Ensuring Quality and Inclusive Education for Children with disability Program /EQIEP-Robit

 Special initiative to fight the root causes of migration and re-integration of IDPs

with host communities in Amhara Region of Ethiopia / SI-Chagni

 30  Together for Inclusion /TOFI 
 32 Civil Society Support Program Phase2 / CSSP2 

 Enhancing youth wage employment capacity and self-employment opportunities

through soft and hard skill training / Youth GAFAT

 34  Orphan and Vulnerable Children Education Support / OVCES
 35  Joint Emergency Operation Program /JEOP-CRS
 36  Mitigate the worst effects of water scarcity and hunger in SSA / ETH 1197
 37  Emergency Government / Emer Gov

 Disability Inclusive Emergency Response for the Conflict Affected Returnees in Rayalamata,

Alamata town, Rayabala, Rayakobo & Korem) of  Amhara region / DIERCAR