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Charity Water in North Showa-Debrebirhan

Basona Worena, Angolelatera ,Debresina, Enisaeo and Siyadebirna Wayu

Charity Water
24  John's Rig WASH in East Gojjam-DebreMarkos  Aneded, Debre Elias, Sinan, Machakel and Gozamin   Welthungerhilfe
25 Forest Landscape Restoration Programme-Bahir dar Mecha, Quarit, Sekela, Yilmana- Densa, Guangua, Ibinat, Farta  & Libokemkem Norwegian Forestry Group
26 Foundation Green Ethiopia-Adiszemen  Libokemkem FGE

Land for Life-Bahir Dar

 Wonberma,Debre Elias WHH

Immediate Response for the Conflict Affected People in Lasta-Lalibela Woreda, Amhara region -Lalibela

Lasta,Lalibela GOH
29 Landscape restoration using church forest relics in Estie and Dera districts_ Estie Estie, Dera CfN
30 Orphan and Vulnerable Child support-Woledi  Woledi Outreach Ethiopia
31 Ensuring Quality and Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities Program Robit inclusive education _Woldia  Robit Kobo  CBM 
32 Reducing the adverse effect of climate change by building resilient livelihoods and ecosystem in Western Amhara-Gelgegu Quara  Welthungerhilfe
33 Special initiative to fight the root causes of migration and re-integration of IDPs with host communities in Amhara Region of Ethiopia-Chagni Chagni town, Gungua, Jawi and  Fageta Lakuma Plan internation/BMZ
34 Reduction of child malnourition and the promotion of food security among the most vulunerable groups in the woreda of Ebinat woreda_Gohala Ibenat CBM
35 Crisis modifier to L4R project_Mekit Meket,Wadila US AID/ CARE
36 Biruh Tesfa for war affected communities in North wollo zone_Woldia Gubalfto,Raya kobo,Harbu US AID/ CARE
37 Integerated Community development program_Adiszemen Libokemkem GoH
38 Emergency Response in IDP site_Sekota Sekota IDP US AID
39 Federal Foreign Office - Units S08/S09 promotion of a project of humanitarian aid and humanitarian demining abroad_Komobolcha Habru,Tehulderie WHH
40 Youth Empowerment for Successful Transitions to Decent Work in Amhara and Somali Regions of Ethiopia_Sekota Dehana,Gazigebela European Union / SC
41 Strengthening, Consolidating and Sustaining the Market Systems for Improved Sustainable Livelihoods (G4F )_Kombolcha Ambasle,Tehulderie,Dewachefa Farm Africa/SIDA
42 Civil Society Support Program Phase 2_Bahir dar East Belessa,West Belessa British Council



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