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Training given on international guidelines (VGGT & RAI) and applicable Ethiopian & regional land rights!

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ORDA Ethiopia’s Land for Life Amhara project has given training on international guidelines (VGGT & RAI) land rights and applicable Ethiopian & regional laws for smallholder farmers & marginalized groups from 28 May to 5 June/2022.

ORDA Ethiopia, in collaboration with the strategic partner WHH (Welthungerhilfe) financed by GIZ have been implementing the Land for Life Amhara project in the Amhara region pilot woredas of Womberma and Debre Elias with a total budget of over 8 million birr from December 1, 2020 - October 30, 2023.

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The overall aim of this initiative is to contribute to a functioning land governance system in Ethiopia based on agreed international best practice benchmarks and guided by principles of equity, inclusivity, transparency and accountability thus creating an enabling environment for tenure security and responsible investments in agriculture and food systems for improved livelihood of smallholders, pastoralists and other vulnerable groups.

Who benefits from this project?

A total of 230 thousand people of Debre Elias and Wenberma affected by the multiple injustices of poor land governance in the region are either directly or indirectly benefited from the project.

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Concerned bodies also (regional and woreda level government actors, CSOs, CBOs, investors) will benefit from changes in policies, laws and/or practices that can be attributed to the multi-actor engagements facilitated by Land for Life Amhara Regional MAP.

Vulnerable groups such as marginalized women, the elderly, children, people with disability, peri-urban dwellers displaced by development interventions such as urban expansion will get benefited.

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To this end, ORDA Ethiopia, WHH and GIZ organized training workshops for concerned groups composed from woreda level government sectors such as rural land use & administration, woreda administration, environment protection, peace and security, woreda court, and marginalized people from 6 & 5 kebeles (a total of over 159 participants) of Debre Elias and womberma respectively including religious leaders, women, the elderly, youth and other marginalized groups.


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