"Water is Our Life," Says Priest Tesfa Guadie

Water is Our Life 1

Priest Tesfa Guadie lives in Yewobi Enechifo kebele, East Gojjam zone, Amhara region. He has 3 children.  He and his family used to collect water from unsafe water source. The additional worest thing is that they spend an hour to fetch water.

Priest Tesfa and his villagers’ problem came to end while ORDA Ethiopia’s Johns Rig WaSH Project built a safe water scheme in 2019.

He said that today his family access to potable water near his home, which reduces the time and energy used by women and children in, fetching water, improves the health, sanitation, and hygiene status of the family, and improves the living standard and productivity of the family. He says, “Water is life because it is tied to our life.”

    Water is Our Life 2

For the project sustainability, the beneficiaries were trained in managing water schemes. Particularly, priest Tesfa’s family has the mandate to safeguard the water scheme, which benefits 90 households- 450 beneficiaries.

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