ORDA Ethiopia’s Foundation Green Ethiopia project is providing support to the community in Libo Kemkem woreda, South Gondar zone.

    Libo Kemkem woreda 2

The project aims to enhance sustainable agriculture by implementing integrated activities that conserve biodiversity and improve soil health. As part of the project, hand tools, improved fruit, and tree seedlings are being provided to the community. The agroforestry practice is being used to manage multipurpose activities sustainably.

    Libo Kemkem woreda 1

Ato Balemual Kenefe is a farmer who benefits from the project in Libo Kemekem Woreda, Shehoch Kebele Wonbera watershed. He grows various crops and indigenous multipurpose trees, which he sells to make an annual income of 45,000 ETB. Ato Balemual Kenefea expressed his gratitude to the Foundation Green Ethiopia and ORDA Ethiopia for their support in implementing the project.

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