Home and Latrine are the Two Face of One Cent,” W/ro Yenenesh Abitie

     Home and Latrine 1

W/ro Yenenesh Abitie is a 35 years old woman. She is married and a mother of 4 children. She is living in Charamba village, Yewush kebele of Aneded woreda East Gojjam zone.

Her family used to deficate on open fields. So, her family was frequently sick by diarrheal diseases and spent there times and money on health facility to gaine medical service.

     Home and Latrine 2

ORDA John’s Rig WaSH project is being implemented her seroundings on WaSH activities. W/ro Yenenesh is one of beneficiaries of the project.

Through the help of the project, she prepared latrine & shower facilities, liquid and solid waste disposal pits, separate kichine with smokless stove and separated animal house to keep her family sanitation & hygiene. In addition, she uses water filter tulip. Now she is very happy and well healthy. She said, “Latrines keep privacy for females and enable to use any time. Home and latrine are the two face of one cent”.

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ORDA Ethiopia’s John’s Rig WaSH Project is being implemented in five woredas (Gozamen, Aneded, Senan, Debere Elias, and Machakel) of East Gojjam zone. The project built 152 water schemes, and 25 kebeles graduated from open defication.

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