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EPA/ORDA Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plan under Construction

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant financed by Federal Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in collaboration with Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) is under construction in Deberetabor town.


Ato Wabi Tesfaye, senior horticultural development officer in ORDA, told to Emerta Quarterly Newsletter that the construction of the Fruit and Vegetable Processing plant in environs is extremely essential to creating a sustainable market for apple products as well as for vegetable and lowland fruit harvests in East Este, LayGaint and Farta districts. And, to boosting the fruit and vegetable production in future

Ato Wabi elaborated on ORDA's relentless efforts to extensively introduce and increase apple production in North & South Gondar as well as in North Wollo Administrative Zones on the orchards of the beneficiaries'. Besides increasing income and benefits from its nutritional and attractive market value, he further added that, apple trees being permanent trees fits importance for environmental protection cannot be overlooked.EPA4

The senior officer indicated that over 1,080 residents in ten kebeles of three districts are expected to become direct beneficiaries from the processing Plant which ORDA is undertaking the construction of the Processing Plant at a cost of over 1.7 million birr on 2,400 square meter of land obtained from Debertabor Municipality Administration.

The officer further explained that the Processing Plant would be expected to be managed and guided by young cooperative members drawn from project Kebeles of South Gondar Zone. Soon, after the completion of the processing plant installation, he said, 34 (of 14 females) young producers would able to secure permanent jobs.

EPA3The Senior officer stressed that the youths would become beneficiaries from the job created and through the process that they will become strong supporter of the environmental protection works through small amount of financial donation contributed by themselves and the finance would be utilized by zonal governmental offices for environmental protection activities which would ultimately support the developmental efforts of the area.

In an effort to rehabilitate the environmental degradation of Guna mountains and its surroundings it is noted that, in connection with this problem the peasants of locality in collaboration with various Governmental and Non-governmental organizations are exerting their utmost effort to avoid the depletion of Natural Resources on and around Guna mountains and to solve the economic crisis created as a result.


Last Updated (Thursday, 20 December 2012 17:25)


16 New Small-Scale  Irrigations (SSI) and 2 Pressurized Water Supply Schemes are under construction.

By Mulatu Tadele

It is disclosed that Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) in collaboration with, Regional Government, International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and Millennium Development Goals-AWWCE(MDGs) is constructing New Small Scale Irrigations and Pressurized Water Supply schemes with an outlay of over 111 million Ethiopian Birr.

Ato Tewolde Birhanu, Manager of Water Resource Development Program of ORDA, unveiled that 16 new Small Scale Irrigations and 2 Pressurized Water Supply Schemes are under construction in different parts of the region as it is instrumental to ensuring food security in communities where food shortage remains a big challenge.

small scale Irrigation and pressurized water supply

Small Scale Irrigation and Pressurized Water Supply 

The Manager elaborated that Chilala Abay,Kekewa, Tikur Wuha, Bered, Mutefecha, Ayirara, Lower Nillie & Tikur Wuha (Rehabilitation) schemes, which covers 5,834 Command areas,  are constructed  by the fund obtained from AWCCE-MDGs While Barenb, Timble-2, Lower Tiken, Golina, Gobu-1, Gobu-2,  Melka Gobera  which cover 1,443 command areas are funded by IFAD. He also explained that the accomplishments of most irrigation schemes are encouraging with some challenges as well.

Furthermore the manager added that, micro irrigation schemes funded by MDG/GAA (German Agro Action) in Worebabo, E/Belesa, Ambasel, Achefer and Spring Developments (SPDs) integrated with Irrigation schemes in Kutaber as well as Tekeze river diversions are being funded by regional government through food security.

The status of all projects under construction is reported to be in good progress. These irrigation schemes are expected to provide services for over 126,000 people after completion.

Goubu Small Scale Irrigation

Gobu Small Scale Irrigation

In addition, the manager explained that two pressurized water supply schemes in Armachiho and in Metema funded by MDG/ AWWCE are under construction. After the completion, he said, around 9,336 citizens will be provided with clean and healthy water.

He further added that community roads construction and rehabilitation activities have also been implemented by the program during the last six months particularly in Wadla, Lasta, Bugna, Gazgibla, Sekota projects and other various areas of the Region.

Metema Agam weha Pressurized Water Supply

Metema Agam Weha Safe Water Supply

According to the manager, ORDA Water Resource Development Program targets those community groups who do not yet have access to safe and adequate water, and lack sanitation and hygiene facilities, modern irrigation, river diversions and road infrastructure constructions. The manager further added that the program is working hard to seek a solution for the aforementioned problems in the year 2012.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 19 June 2013 07:02)

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