The training that has been given to the members of the management team has been completed

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Task-oriented training for the members of ORDA Ethiopia's management team on leadership and responsibility has been completed from 9-11 June 2023.

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During the training, it is remarked that leaders should be able to have all the skills (knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and values) despite having different philosophies. Leaders should also identify their strengths and weaknesses and know their roles properly. Great leaders have a greater ability to influence the motivation and performance outcomes of the organization's work groups by creating positive work dynamics. In addition, it was discussed in the training that even though leaders do not have the same leadership style, they should examine themselves when they should use the appropriate leadership style.

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The overall aim of the training is to modernize ORDA Ethiopia's practices and to develop a new management style that departs from the usual practice of management. As stated in the training, in a dynamic and unpredictable world, it is necessary to change the behavior and mindset of the management members by thinking ahead about what may happen tomorrow so that the organization can overcome problems.

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The members of ORDA Ethiopia's management team were enthusiastic and highly engaged during their training.

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