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ORDA Ethiopia’s Integrated Community Development project Cheberna small scale irrigation scheme has been inaugurated.

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Libo Kemkem Integrated Community Development Irrigation Construction was inaugurated on March 12, 2023. The small irrigation construction scheme that was inaugurated in Lebokemekem woreda, has got river diversion head work and gully rehabilitation with 1,350 meters long and has the capacity to cultivate 66 hectares of land.

Amhara Region President and ORDA-Ethiopia Board Chairman, Dr. Yelkal Kefale, while inaugurating the irrigation construction, said that since the region has rivers that flow in all seasons, it is important to make the farmers benefit from small irrigation dams. He added that if the farmers do not prosper, the city dwellers cannot prosper, so the construction of small irrigation development should be strengthened.

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Dr. Yelkal thanked the farmers for donating their land for the irrigation dam and for their sincere cooperation in the work. He also thanked ORDA Ethiopia, which carried out the irrigation construction, Glimmer of Hope, which provided financial support, and the zone and woreda leaders who cooperated for the project's success.

ORDA-Ethiopia Executive Director Alemayehu Wassie/PhD/ said that ORDA Ethiopia is implementing irrigation development projects that are poor-oriented, that can change the life of the society and do not cost more than 150,000 to 200,000 birr per hectare and that the farmers can easily use. The Executive added that ORDA-Ethiopia is benefiting the low income society by carrying out irrigation development of more than 25 thousand hectares.

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Integrated Community Development of Libokkem was started in September 2018 to improve the life of the community and the project consists of 9 kebeles. The budget support for the implementation of the project was received from a humanitarian organization called Glummer of Hope Foundation amounting to Birr 144,606,914.39. ORDA-Ethiopia is focusing on the construction of the irrigation networke, the construction of clean water facilities, supporting the heads of low-income families and improving the nutrition system.

According to the local farmers, ORDA-Ethiopia changed their living standards to a better level due to the convenience of the supply of vegetables and fruits and improved animal species. ORDA-Ethiopia facilitating credit provision, engaging in the value chain and providing capacity building training. The users added that the completion of the small irrigation development will help us to produce more than twice a year and improve our lives.

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Finally, the local farmers thanked ORDA-Ethiopia for completing the construction of the irrigation scheme and benefiting from the irrigation development.


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