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    A woman farmer who have improved her lives with the support of the project

         A woman farmer


ORDA Ethiopia Linking Agriculture with Natural Resource Management and Nutrition-PLUS (LANN+) Project is being implemented to improve the nutrition, hygiene & sanitation of 36,500 targeted households of east Gojjam zone two woredas: Gonchasiso Enese woreda 3 kebels (Debere hail, Yebuchar & Yebuza) & Enarjina Enawuga woreda 3 kebeles (Yegosa, Tamo Dawaro & Titar Badima). The project was launched in 2020 with a budget of 2 million euros, including 75% from the welt hunger hilfe and 25% matching fund from the Amhara Regional Government.

The project has benefited farmers by engaging in gardening, sheep farming and building clean drinking water. One of the beneficiaries is W/ro Bose, a resident of DebreHaile Kebele, Goncha Sisoenese woreda.W/ro Bose is a 38-year-old adult, married and a mother of 4 children (F:2). It has been 2 years since their husband stopped farming due to mental health problems. Thus, the responsibility of raising children and leading the family fell on her.

        A woman farmer 1

W/ro Bose manages her livelihood by sowing crops and cultivating a garden on her 1.25 hectare of land. After being a beneficiary of the project, she got a vegetable seeds of Red root, Carrot, Spinach &Tomato with support. With this, her family is getting nutritional food and got additional income from the sale of vegetables.

W/ro. Bose said, "I planted the seeds that the project gave me and my family is getting balanced diet. We sale the surplus vegetables and got additional income. In 2021, I earned 1,000 Birr from the sale of red root and 2,500 Birr from the sale of carrots. In this year, I sold carrots for 10,000 Birr and Red root for 4,000 Birr. In the future, I will earn 10,000 Birr because the spinach will produce continuously". In addition, W/ro Bose is harvesting Teff, sorghum and wheat from her farm land. As a result, she did not face any economic problem to manage her family.


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