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Home News Latest News “My family survived due to L4R Project,” farmer Asimare Belay

          “My family survived due to L4R Project,” farmer Asimare Belay

           L4R Project

Farmer Asimare Belay, aged 52, lives in Woketa kebele of Meket Woreda, North Wollo zone. His wife is Asinika Kassa. They have four children (F: 1). the couples livelihood depends in agriculture, and have only one hectare plot of land.

Farmer Asmare family was one of the victims by the northern Ethiopia conflict. He said that the members of the TPLF militants robed his assets: garlic estimated to be ETB 21,000 and fattened shoat valued ETB 5,000. Due to these looting, the couples unfortunately were in desperate mood and had no any asset to lead their livelihood.

Fortunately, ORDA Ethiopia’s Livelihoods for Resilience Activity Project (L4R) came with new modalities that targets households who were the victims of the northern Ethiopian conflict. Thereby, farmer Asimare got the livelihoods recovery aid amounting ETB 15,000 from the project.

Hence, he bought four sheep that amounts ETB 12,000 for shoat fattening. So, for shoat fattening, he bought 50 oil cake ETB 1000 from feed franchiser in meket woreda and rented a grazing land for ETB 1,000. He said that he would sale sheep with the cost of ETB 20,000 in the near future. In addition, he has been trading honey to the local markets. For the first time, he bought 14 kg of honey a cost of ETB 3,920 and sold ETB 4,620 and earned net profit of ETB 700. He consequently retail honey for five cycles and earned net profit of ETB 4,000.


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