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         ORDA Ethiopia -Pillar Programs

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1. Forest, Environment and Climate Change program

• Carrying out different physical and biological interventions to conserve soil and water resources to improving soil fertility and enhance productivity.

• Plantation of indigenous and exotic species of trees to increase forest cover.

• Protection and sustainable management of natural forests/biodiversity which aims at the restoration of the highland fauna and flora species and conservation of the low land areas through promoting participatory Forest Management (PFM).

• Climate change adaption to create resilient community.

• Supplying alternative energy technologies in off grid rural areas.

• Scaling out better watershed, bench terraces & comprehensive land husbandry practices/technologies.

2. WaSH, Irrigation and Infrastructure Development Program

• The program works on water supply, hygiene & sanitation promotion, and small scale irrigation, spring development, rain-water harvesting, roof catchments, and household level technologies like drip irrigation, and rope/washer pump.

• It also carries out trachoma control activities through WHO’s ‘SAFE’ strategy.

• Construction and rehabilitation of social services like roads, bridges, culverts, school classrooms, health centers, veterinary posts etc.

3. Agriculture, Nutrition and Disaster Risk management

• It promotes high value horticulture & improved crop varieties, market linkage in light of value chain approach, and implements livestock development activities like poultry, shoat, apiary, and forage development.

• The program also works on ‘VESA’ and promotes saving and loan in nearby rural areas.

• It strives on maternal and child nutrition to prevent stunting.

4. Gender, Disability Inclusion & Youth Employment Program

• Gender, Disability Inclusion, and HIV/AIDS prevention are mainstreamed in those broad development programs and projects. It aims to creating permanent & temporary jobs for youth & ensure equitable benefit sharing and participation.

• With regard to employment opportunities, identifying potential on-farm and off-farm IGA, providing tailor made training on on-farm and off-farm IGA and creating self-employed and employment opportunities by providing market oriented training.

5. Food Commodity Management & Emergency Program

• Provides food and emergency assistance activities for food insecure/PSNP households.

ORDA Ethiopia’s Contribution (1984 – 2022)

ORDA Ethiopia has made significant contribution in changing the lives of people since 1984. More than 774.87 million tree seedlings were produced & 720.36 million seedlings (of which 44.12 million are indigenous) planted over 132 thousand 598 hectares of land. For this reason, ORDA won the Green Award Program in 2007. The organization managed 1 thousand 320 integrated community watersheds.

It has also developed 6 thousand 61 water schemes & benefited 2.6 million people since 1997. Hence, ORDA Ethiopia was awarded for its best performing hygiene & sanitation activities nationally in 2009. In addition, it constructed 261 small scale irrigation schemes which can potentially irrigate over 13 thousand hectares of land owned by 51 thousand 700 households.

It has been providing improved crop varieties in order to boost production and productivity of farmers since 1997. A total of 27 thousand 489 quintals of crop varieties and 337 quintals of vegetable seeds were distributed for 186 thousand 868 farmers. Besides this, it organizes beneficiaries in Village Economic Social Associations (VESAs); 671 thousand 436 (F: 324, 215) youths are organized in 32 thousand 499 groups and saved Birr 74 million 406 thousand 344.

It has also saved millions of people in various parts of Ethiopia and tried to create resilient community in response to natural & man- made shocks/ risks since its establishment.

Partnership and Networking

In order to achieve its mission of empowering communities and their institutions to achieve livelihoods and environmental security in Ethiopia, ORDA Ethiopia has made strong partnership with government stakeholders, civil society and community based organizations. Since these early years, partnership has evolved, becoming more strategic in addressing development challenges and achieve scalable and sustainable impact.

ORDA Ethiopia increasingly recognizes the potential of greater cooperation to achieve positive change and improve the lives of people.

ORDA Ethiopia Prospects

ORDA Ethiopia has been growing in capacity, intervention programs and areas. By considering the political and economic reforms, it plans to use these best opportunities for an inclusive community development. Hence, ORDA Ethiopia strongly works with government bodies, multilateral & bilateral agencies, funding donors from both national and international organizations, and calls for government institutions, civil society organizations and partners to work in harmony for a greater achievement.


ORDA Ethiopia has got a variety of awards at national and global level for the achievements it performed:

The organization is recognized in Greening and WaSH program implementation (received national and regional awards in 2007, 2009, and 2015).

It is recognized for its excellence and program quality and received:

• The fourth and sixth Ethiopian Quality Award (EQA) in April 2016 and January 2019 re.spectively.

• The ESQR Quality Choice Prize 2016. Berlin, Germany.

• "The American Bizz 2017." USA.

• The international ‘Achievements Forum 2017’ London, UK.


Head Office, Bahir Dar

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Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Branch Office


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




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