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  Inclusive Health, Economic and Social Development program (IHESDP) project achievements!

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Inclusive Health, Economic and Social Development program (IHESDP) project funded by Hope and Healing International /HHI with a total budget of Birr 92 million has been implemented in South Gondar Zone of Guna Begiemidir & Andabet woredas. It is operated in fifteen / 15 / selected kebeles to improve the livelihood and health sector (mainly trachoma prevention) in those woredas. 

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The five-year project, from 2019-2023, is aimed at improving the livelihoods of beneficiaries by delivering improved crop and livestock resources, developing a small irrigation system and providing access to safe drinking water and trachoma control in the health sector.

Let's take a look at Ato Assefa Nigussie a happy and hopeful old man as the project's achievement.

Ato Assefa Nigussie, aged 60, lives at Shehoch village at Atsede Mariam Kebele of Andabet Woreda in South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia. He has 4 sons and 3 daughters. He was a hard working man. Unfortunately, his legs were unable to walk/move at the age of 45 in unknown reason.

Ato Assefa became economically dependent on his children after he encountered a physical impairment. Though, he frequently went to Alert & Black Lion Hospitals for treatment in Addis Ababa, he is unable to get recovered back to his former physical status.

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Ato Assefa is supported by a wooden bar/ to walk around his village and needs to have an iron made cranch to walk long distances; however, he couldn’t afford its price. He looks after his sheep every day.

To improve his livelihood, IHESP funded by Hope & Healing International (HHI) supported him 3 sheep (2 ewes and a washera ram.) Today, his sheep reaches to 11 in number.

Ato Assefa is happy and hopeful. He moves near their homes and looks after his flocks. He is also delighted and feels better hope than before. He gratefully acknowledges the donor who supported him to better his life.

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