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        Trachoma caused of bacterial infection may lead to a total blindness!

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ORDA implements trachoma control and prevention activities in Amhara region in collaborating with different funding donors. The Amhara Trachoma control program (ATCP) is composed of four projects Under CBM families.

Its intervention areas are waghemira zone (Dahana and Sekota town, Ziquala & Abergelle woredas), Central Gondar zone (West Belesa, East Belesa and), South Gondar (Ebinat, Farta and Guna Begie Midir and Andabet woredas), South Wollo zone (Woreilu, Wogidi, Jamma and Leghida woredas).

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The project has an aim to improve the quality of life of children, women, boys and girls in Amhara regional state by reducing the prevalence of blinding trachoma on teenagers of age range 1 - 9 and contribute towards the achievement of the Global Elimination of Trachoma (GET) by 2020. Especial focus is given to reduce prevalence rates of active trachoma in the target woredas through implementing the WHO endorsed SAFE strategy (Trachoma treatment surgery, Anti-biotics/tablet, Facial cleanliness & Environmental hygiene and sanitation).


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