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       The Diligent Water Committee: In Gofchma Emerging Town!

            Diligent Water Committee

It is the responsibility of the community to take over and manage the community water facilities that NGOs have built. But if the water schemes are not handled properly, they will soon be destroyed without serving the community. This problem is solved by the community's sense of self and the care of strong water committees. An example of this is the Strong Water Management Committee of Gofchima rural town deep well safe water project in Debre Elias Woreda. The intense follow-up and monitoring of the committees have ensured the community's long-term access to safe drinking water.

Gofchma rural town safe drinking water supply project, which was built by ORDA Ethiopia Johne’s Rig Wash Project in Debre Elias Woreda, is providing clean water to about 5,500 residents. Residents said that the project has solved their problem of safe water for decades.

            Diligent Water Committee1

The deep well water facility is managed by an 8-member water committee. Active monitoring by the Water Committee has resulted in the proper use of the water facility. Yeneneh Mekonnen is the chairman of the committee. When he recalled the water crisis, he said the people used to collect unsafe water from the Tegma River and the Zembal River. "We got this clean water after the government promised us to supply safe water for 14 years ago. So we are careful to keep the water scheme for a long time. We have been saving money monthly for the scheme repairment cost,” he said.

The self-awareness of the user community and the commitment of the water committees are crucial for the long-term supply of safe drinking water facilities.


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