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                    The Perk of Buashkerna Irrigation

                Buashkerna Irrigation

In Dahina woreda, Kebele 15, the Buashkerena Irrigation Development was built by ORDA Ethiopia’s Development Food Security Activity (DFSA) project 3 years ago. After the irrigation project was completed, farmers planted a variety of perennials. One of those beneficiary farmers the 45-year-old man farmer Emiwodew Menegiste is found.

When the Buashkerena irrigation project was built 3 years ago, Emiwodew inspired to cultivate his small yard, in the valley, with permanent gardens. During this time he cultivated olive oil, sugarcane, and other spices. He has now begun to enjoy the fruits of his labor. "I used to own 2 acres of land, which I produce once a year. I covered all expenses from this income. I was in difficulty to afford shopping expenses and school fees for children,”he said.

              Buashkerna Irrigation1

Farmer Emwodew, now, earned more than 19,000 birrs from sugarcane and guava sales alone. This made his miserable life so easy. "I did not sell food grains for shopping, so I am bought oxen, cows, and donkeys to improve my farming activities," he said. Similarly, other local farmers have also improved their livelihoods as they have started earning more income from irrigation development.


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