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           “ORDA Ethiopia has saved us from a miserable life”

               miserable life

Abebe Mekonnen, a young farmer, worked as daily labor to support his family because he did not have enough farmland to grow crops. It was difficult to cover his family's food expenses and other social expenses. He is a 32-year-old resident of 03 Hamusit Kebele, Sekota Zuria Woreda, married, and has three children.

Four years ago, ORDA Ethiopia's Development Food Security Activity (DFSA) project began to be implemented in 9 woredas of Amhara Region: Meket, Wadla, Gazo, Lasta, Bugna, Dahina, Sekota, Tsagibiji, and Gazgibla woredas to improve the livelihoods of food-insecure residents in collaboration with Care Ethiopia and World Vision, funded by the US $ 86.6 million from the American people and government. When the project started, Abebaw joined the project and had the opportunity to improve his livelihood.

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The project built Shaltanu diversion weir three years ago in Sekota Zuria Woreda 03 Hamusit Kebele, which benefits 124 families. Abebe Mekonnen, a young farmer, is one of the beneficiaries. He began cultivating cabbage, carrots, cassava, sugarcane, papaya, and coffee in his small yard. As a result, he has earned 25,000 birrs from the sale of its products for the past three years. "ORDA Ethiopia has brought us out of misery; I can buy food and clothes for my children from the irrigation development income. The ORDA Ethiopia’s flag always being high," he said.

According to Ato Beteslassie, DFSA Sekota Project Manager, the irrigation development has saved the lives of local farmers. He said that the construction of Shenkortiku irrigation development is underway in the woreda to expand the best practice.


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