Eliminating Blinding Trachoma in Amhara region of Ethiopia: Improvement through Partnerships

               Eliminating Blinding Trachoma

Ethiopia is believed to have one of the world’s highest rates of blindness and low vision. Blinding trachoma is more prevalent in many of the poorest and most remote areas in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, especially in areas that have limited access to water and sanitation.

ORDA Amhara Trachoma Control Program (ATCP) in collaboration with CBM Germany has been aggressively implementing to reduce the prevalence of blinding trachoma, and contribute towards the achievement of the Global elimination which depends heavily on the availability of improved Wash programs in the Amhara region.  

The Four year (September 2020 - December 2023) project,with a total budget of EURO 1,298,880 (ETB 48,058,560), benefits 110 thousand (about 56 thousand are female) people in Dahana, Sekota Town, Ziquala, and Abergelleworedas of Waghimra Zone to improve the quality of life of men, women, boys and girls.

The project has constructed 5 deep wells, developed4 springs, and 3 rain water harvesting tankers. It also gave training for 456 women group leaders and 168 anti-trachoma members in schools on trachoma prevention, hygiene and sanitation promotion focusing on face washing and latrine at village level. Community sensitizing for 33,867 on causes, prevention and treatment of trachoma, hygiene and sanitation focusing on face washing.

Evidence show that some improvements in the control of trachoma have been brought through socioeconomic development and control programs along with other disease control programs in many countries. However, trachoma continues to be so prevalent in many of the poorest rural areas of the world, especially in areas that have limited access to water and sanitation.