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           Our health is on our hands!

           Wro Zelekash Hailu

W/ro Zelekash Hailu, a resident at Chefanan village of Angolelana Tera Woreda in North Shoa Zone of Amhara region, Ethiopia. She is a married and has 10 children (4 female) & their economic life is based on agriculture.

However, she was shocked when she heard about COVID-19 for the first time through radio. Meanwhile, health extension workers offered them home to home awareness training. Following the training, ORDA Charity Water supported them various protective tools such as liquid soap, alcohol, and a hand washing jerrycan/facility.

W/ro Zelekash gratefully acknowledges Charity water for the unreserved support in making them safe water beneficiaries and protect them from COVID-19 pandemic. They travel long distance and sometimes to the woreda capital, Chacha, in order to fetch water.

She said, “We all villagers were frightened of Corona virus. But, thanks to health officers, they rather advised us to practice prevention mechanisms.” Through time, we quit frustration. Currently, villagers are often seen using facemask, wash their hands properly and use PPE wisely when fetching water from schemes.

W/ro Zelekash repeatedly expresses her gratitude to Charity Water and ORDA for the generous support they did to improve their livelihood.


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