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Home News Latest News “We had found a dead body in a pond and turned to use a river,” said farmer Alelign Getahun.

    “We had found a dead body in a pond and turned to use a river,” said farmer Alelign Getahun.

              farmer Alelign Getahun. (2)

ORDA’s integrated community development project (ICDP) has been being implemented in 9 kebeles of Libokekem woreda with a whole budget of Birr 83 Million secured from #Glimmer of Hope since 2018. It benefited one thousand 79 farmers by delivering clean water schemes and by engaging them in Cattle fattening, Shoat fattening & rearing, poultry, Onion & Garlic cultivation. Among clean water beneficiaries, farmer Alelign Getahun is found.

Farmer Alelign, aged 38, has three (F: 1) children. His livelihood bases on agriculture and leads a happy family. But, lack of potable water in their locality destabilize the family health condition.

Before the launching of ORDA’s integrated community development project (ICDP), farmer Alelign and the villagers faced some incidents regarding the pond they used to drink.

              farmer Alelign Getahun. (1)

In the village, one dog was getting sick and disappears, and the owners of a dog had no information about it. But, the latter bad news was heard among the villagers and that was the dead body of the sick dog found inside the pond. Farmer Alelign said “my wife used to fetch water from Acha pond. Once a day a sick dog died and found under beneath the pond. I pulled out the dead. In the locality, 16 households were fetching water from that pond. Then, due to this incident, we were fetching water from another far way river. We went to DebreTabor town to be treated by a traditional physician from the prospect of rabies disease. I paid Birr 1 thousand 600 for traditional medicine. We faced an untold social crisis.”

Now Farmer Alelign and his villagers are happy by the spring development made by ORDA’s ICD project. “Now we are getting clean and tasty water safely. It reduced my wife's and children's burden. We are happy and we feel ORDA’s ICD project saves the lives of our society.”

The project benefits 17 thousand 176 residents by building 50 water schemes (26 shallows well, 17 hand-dug well, and 7 spring development) in 9 kebele of Libokemkem woreda.

To give care for the water schemes, the beneficiaries’ committee makes follow-up activities and assigns a guard. The beneficiaries save Birr 5 per month for maintenance of the scheme. They are caring for and maintaining the water scheme themselves.


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