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      A struggle to bring a better tomorrow

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Habtamu Gete, aged 26, is a resident of Ebinat town, South Gondar Zone. He completed his high school education in 2018. Unfortunately, he did not score a passing mark, and his education ended here. He was thinking about a life-changing job. However, he felt being hopelessness while he could not get any job.

He went from Ebinat town to Merawi town to be employed. He was employed as a barman in one Hotel. But, he shifted his idea to earn more money and to better manage his livelihood. So, he flees to the capital city Addis Ababa, which was a dream place for his job location, and got employment in one Oxygen manufacturer. A meanwhile he left his factory job and joined the hotel sector as a barman. After all rounding, he felt as he could not get the life-changing livelihood, and he returned to his town, Ebinat.

On that occasion, ORDA’s improving youth employment through soft skills training and other supports project, which has an aim to create a job for jobless youth, was launched on July 2018 in Ebnat woreda, South Gondar Zone with a total budget of 5,245,696 secured from Gafat Endowment Enterprise & ORDA. He became one of the beneficiaries. The project has been working to create a job for 200 jobless (F: 100) youth, and it gave entrepreneurship training & facilitation works.

After recruited as a job seeker by the woreda Technical & vocational office, Habtamu got an entrepreneurship training by the project. Then, he got Birr 180 thousand loans at an 8% interest rate from the ORDA’s project and opened a mobile maintenance shop. Since he is good at his service, he has a lot of customers. He earns in a range of Birr 700 to Birr 2000 daily before Coronavirus outbreaks.

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“Mobile maintenance is a lucrative business and I have many customers. I earn in a range of Birr 700 to 2000 per day before the outbreak of Coronavirus. Sometimes I earn Birr 200 per day. I serve more of the rural dwellers. They trust my service”.

Even though he is doing a good job, the expensive cost of renting a shop is a challenge for him. 
“The current shop was rented before a month. The previous shop was a strategic place for marketing. But the owner of the shop increased the rent cost by Birr 1000. At the same time, the marketing transaction was getting low due to coronavirus outbreak. I was at a home for one month due to a lack of accessible business shops. The current shop placement is not good for marketing. I asked the woreda technical & V/ office to assist me. I have planned to start new works like software uploading & play station games soon.”

The livelihood change for one youth brings a change in family livelihood and the same to the whole country. We pledge the Woreda Technical & V/ office to support entrepreneur youths like Habtamu to bring better living standards in the community.


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