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       "We have ample business opportunities”- Mrs. Kidist Muche


Mrs. Kidist Muche፣ aged 24, a married woman who lives in Ebinat Town. She earned her first Degree in Management in 2018. But her eagerness to be an employee of the government and to taste her fruit became unachievable. She had applied for government vacancies so many times, but she was unlucky unable to seat for the exam due to excess jobless were participating in the vacancy. She was not ready for such occasions as a contingency like to engage in other self-employed jobs. Ebintat city is a small & less industrialized city, and Kidist could not be employed by other private employers and diversify her income. Hence, she was in worry thinking about how to contribute to her country and earn an income for her by her management degree.

ORDA’s Improving youth employment through soft skills training and other supports project, which has an aim to create a job for jobless youth, was launched on July 2018 in Ebnat woreda, South Gondar Zone with a total budget of 5,245,696 secured from Gafat Endowment Enterprise (95.3 % share) & ORDA (4.7 % share).

The project has been working to create a job for jobless youth by giving entrepreneurship training & facilitation works to be employed by private organizations.

Among beneficiaries, Kidist Muche, aged 24, is found. After she got a soft skill trading, she loaned Birr 65 thousand from the project in 8% interest and opened “baltina” shop - comprise of spice, pea flour, pepper flour, etc.

“I have been working for 1 year. I took a loan of birr 65 thousand and opened a spice shop. I prepared a spice product and deliver it to customers. I have a good market. I pay Birr 5 thousand per month to pay back my loan and save Birr 700 per month. Now I understand that as we have ample business opportunities”, she said.

Mrs. Kidist is paying back her loan to settle soon. Since her husband supports her, she is working to bring new product packaging and improved service delivery and to expand her shop.
We pledge to Ebinat woreda Technical & vocational enterprise to make a follow up for enterprises owned by like Kidist and to also benefit other youths


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