Food, Hygiene and Sanitation materials distributed for disability students to Prevent COVID-19.

                           Food, Hygiene and Sanitation materials

ORDA’s Ensuring Quality and Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities Program (EQIEP) has an objective of Ensuring Inclusive and quality education for Children with Disabilities in realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal 4 target 4.5 ensuring equal access and quality inclusive education for children with disabilities. It is funded by CBM Italy and launched in 2019 and stays for 3 years, till 2021 in Kobo woreda. It has been supporting in kind and other schooling accommodations for 53 (F: 25) disability students that enrolled at Robit Boarding school of Kobo woreda, Amhara region.

                         Food, Hygiene and Sanitation materials 1

The students had left the boarding school and went to their home due to COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the project had purchased and distributed food items, hygiene and sanitation materials costed Birr 425,981.00 to protect them from COVID - 19 when they are at their home for the next 4 months.

The disability students told that they would use the donated materials appropriately to keep themselves from Novel corona virus