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Eventually, the toughest Ayrara SSI construction is fruitfully completed.


Many years ago, while a mother carrying her son on back tried to cross river Ayrara; however, the sudden increment and bursting of the river snatched her son. She furiously shouted and mourned at it to return her son back. Nevertheless, it didn’t hesitate to give her son back. This time she cursed, shocked and named it "Ayrara" which means cruel/malicious/.

The Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) is a dependable partner of the region in developing modern irrigation schemes. The toughest Ayrara irrigation project, located in Ankober Woreda of North Shewa, can potentially irrigate 110 hectares benefiting 196 male and 96 female headed households.

                                                        Ayrara (1)

Ato Dejenie Minliku, Deputy and Programs Director, while speaking on the occasion said the project charged over 25 million Birr which was funded by the regional government and Millennium Development Goals. According to Ato Dejenie it was a very tough project that it took long period of time due to the challenging geographical location, frequent landslide, inaccessibility of roads and other infrastructures; however, demand driven involvement of the community and commitment of ORDA and ADSWE changed it into reality.

This project was launched in 2012 and completed in June 2015. The scheme is now already handed over to farmers and office of agriculture. Ato Zenebe Ajebie, deputy head of administration of Ankober district, remarked Ayrara SSI was hard-hitting but ORDA completed successfully. He exclaimed the district is delightful that apart from SSI construction, ORDA executed a 7 kms road which connects villagers and their irrigation productions to the market.

                                                     Ayrara (2)

Ato Belay Zegeye, coordinator of projects of design and supervision works in Eastern Amhara claims ORDA and Design and Supervision Works Enterprise (ADSWE) are moving jointly to make farmers use at least a water scheme for irrigation productivity. Hence, both ORDA and ADSWE are striving hard to achieve goals of the government. According to Belay Ayrara is truly a sign for ORDA’s capacity to carry out such constructions in resisting the challenges it faces. It is also remarked that ORDA has best experience to share for private contractors.

Farmer Kelemua, Wondafrash a resident at Ankober district Derefo kebele, explained that the river Ayrara flows without benefit drowning and killing people who attempted to cross it especially during the rainy season. She said after ORDA constructed a long flume scheme, farmers in the area launched to produce Potato, cabbage, tomato and onion.

At the time of construction, farmer Shimelis HaileSilassie was among significant contributors of the community participation. Though he was broken on his leg, he coordinated the community until the dam is successfully completed.

Organizations, officers and stakeholders who played a major role during the construction period are rewarded to motivate them for further irrigation developments in the region.


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