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ORDA Ethiopia successfully completed its 12th General Assembly, and approved the newly ratified by law and 5-years (2021 to 2025) strategic plan

           ORDA Ethiopia

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   It is stated that ORDA Ethiopia has achieved remarkable results in its past strategic plans.

         ORDA Ethiopia has achieved

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      Construction of Ribb Irrigation and drainage Project underway

          Ribb Irrigation

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                                 Transformation through collaboration!

ORDA Ethiopia at a Glance

ORDA Ethiopia was established as Ethiopian Relief Organization (ERO) in February 1984. The organization was legally registered as a local NGO in 1991 and again in 1999 by the Federal Ministry of Justice (MOJ). According to the new Charities and Societies Legislation, it is reregistered by MOJ Charities and Societies Agency as Ethiopian Residents Charity under license number 0607.

ORDA Ethiopia is an Ethiopian-operated, Non-Governmental Organization (non-profit) that focuses primarily on forest, environment, agriculture, nutrition, water and irrigation development programs as a key step in the strategy to end chronic poverty and food shortages in Ethiopia. The organizationhas devised strategies and programs that benefit nearly 4.5 million people. Currently, it has planned to execute the 5th strategic plan (2021- 2025).Following successful finalization of the fourth strategic plan, in view of the globally ever changing funding priorities and increasing competition in resource mobilization, coupled with the ever unmet development needs of communities, ORDA Ethiopia made a decision to embark on the fifth strategic plan. Hence, this strategic plan serves as a management tool to guide effective resource mobilization, suits strong collaboration with local government, encourages efficient use of resources, enhances community empowerment, helps to demonstrate accountability and program quality, builds strong team and improves organizational performance to ultimately change the lives of people.

The organization significantly plays a great role in strengthening forestry development, provision of agricultural technologies that increase productivity of farmers, provision ofsafe drinking water, maintenance personal and environmental hygiene and prevention trachoma, develop small-scale irrigation systems, improve nutrition and prevent stunting.

ORDA Ethiopia currently reorganized integrated development programs into five

1. Forest, Environment and Climate Change Program

2. WaSH and Irrigation Development Program

3. Agriculture, Nutrition and DRM Program

4. Gender, Disability Inclusion and Youth Employment Program

5. Food Commodity Management and Emergency Program

Vision, Mission and Core Values of the organization


  • To become a dependable developmental partner & facilitator for change in Ethiopia

Shared Vision

  • ORDA Ethiopia envisions a prosperous Ethiopia


  • Empowering communities and their institutions to achieve livelihoods and environmental security in Ethiopia

Core Values:

• Respect and dedication to the people, integrity, endurance, transparency and accountability, inclusiveness and professionalism

ORDA Ethiopia objectives

1. Contribute to sustainable and green-led development by conducting forest development, community based watershed management activities, conserving biodiversity and expanding alternative energy sources.

2. Improve the beneficiary’s income & familiarizing nutrition by increasing agricultural productivity and by expanding non-agricultural income generation activities.

3. Expand access to safe drinking water, improve personal and environmental hygiene, reduce trachoma and other waterborne diseases, and implement various irrigation technologies to assist rain-fed agriculture.

4. Provide victim community food and non-food items to natural and man-made disasters to prevent them from depleting their assets and being subjected to severe suffering due to migration or malnutrition.

5. Ensure gender equality and benefiting women, persons with disabilities and youthsin various developments.

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     ORDA Ethiopia’s Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security (SFNS)

         Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security SFNS 1

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