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FAQ's - Who are Friends of ORDA and what is expected from them?

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What is Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA)?
What are ORDA’s distinctive qualities and features (comparative advantages)?
Why does ORDA come into existence?
Where does ORDA work?
What are the major Developmental programs that ORDA focuses?
Who benefits from ORDA's work?
Does ORDA have success stories to be shared?
How does ORDA work?
Are there NGOs, CBOs, interested groups or communities that ORDA will not work with for political reasons?
How does ORDA finance its projects?
How does ORDA spend the fund mobilized from different sources?
Is ORDA involved in emergency work?
How do I find out what jobs are available? Can I work for/volunteer for ORDA?
I have applied for a job but I have not heard back. How can I find the status of the application?
Does ORDA sponsor research works?
Can I contact a member of staff at ORDA regarding a product or service the organization might be interested in?
Who are Friends of ORDA and what is expected from them?
Any comments, suggestions or complaints?
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Who are Friends of ORDA and what is expected from them?

ORDA has Friends who support it on a more committed and regular basis. Its staff has strong attachment with ORDA. They are still commenting, advising and supporting their organization (ORDA) in many dimensions. ORDA also takes all the sons and daughters of Amhara and all others who are supportive of positive changes in Amhara as its friends. Friends of ORDA provide information, ideas, comments and suggestions, and even raise funds to support our work and get involved in all sorts of activities.

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